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About us IT-outsourcing Services Partners Contacts

Telephone number   +7 921 411-0-555


What services can we offer?

  • Remote administration of the computers from all over the world.
  • Construction and setup of the internet in your office.
  • Connection and adjustment of the "thin clients" system.
  • Troubleshooting and setting-up of computers.
  • Server installation in your office.
  • Installation and setup of the operational systems.
  • Testing and implementation of the new software.
  • Supply of the safe storage of your data.
  • Setup of the fast and reliable information exchange.
  • Efficient IT-consultations.

Thereby we will supply you with the whole range of IT-services!

Leave yourself to the work, we'll take care of the devices!



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популярные услуги

   установка системы "тонких клиентов"

   настрока сети и программного обеспечения

   удаление вирусов и восстановление данных